To fulfill social obligation and be a good enterprise citizen

As a state-owned enterprise, how to be a good enterprise citizen has become an important issue. When State-owned enterprises fulfill their social obligation, they should become examples of being legal, honest, resources-saving, environmental protection, people-oriented and harmonious. CMEC has made an example for the industry.


Founded in 1987, China Machinery Engineering Wuxi Co., Ltd. has been paying attention to taking the social obligaton. In the course of economic development, it also focuses on environmental protection responsibility, adheres to technical innovation and fulfills quality-safety responsibility, cares staffs, promotes equitable development as well as improves the living conditions of local people, brings light and hope for the project area. In 28 years, the corporation has won a good reputation for its courage, honesty and public-spirit.


Fulfilling social obligation and being a good enterprise citizen are closely related. For an enterprise, the traditional cost, quality and service have become the most basic and common standards, but the ethical standards are becoming the key factor to maintain competitive advantage. By fulfilling social obligation, CMEC Wuxi Co. shapes and shows a positive image to the public, environment and social development. Therefore, a successful enterprise must have a sense of social obligation. It should not only make its own commercial brand, but also establish a good corporation citizen brand.


Large-scale enterprises focus on how to behave while small ones focus on every specific issue. Improving the social obligation system is a systematic project, which is not only the choice to implement the development strategy, but also the need to build corporation culture. To achieve sustainable development and access to everlasting, an enterprise must establish corporation citizenship and fulfill social obligation.